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Navacom MeteoScan

The new all-in-one software for the professional sailor


Weather reports are essential for all sailors.

Besides upcoming storms, heavy rains and other kinds of weather warnings, it is also

nice to know if there are other navigational warnings like closed areas, search and

rescue operations, etc.


These kind of messages are sent by radio in the modes NAVTEX, RTTY or Fax.

Navacom MeteoScan is a program that is capable of decoding and showing these

messages on a personal computer. This software combined with a good shortwave

receiver will always keep you up-to-date with the latest weather and navigational




RTTY stands for Radio Tele Type, also known as Telex over Radio Information through RTTY includes:

  • Weather reports

  • Precipitation reports

  • Wind directions and force Gale warnings


NAVTEX is the abbreviation for Navigational TEleX, a very reliable mode for

transmitting navigational warnings and weather reports.



FAX, short for facsimile, resembles a FAX-machine used in offices and at home.

The difference is that it is not sent over a telephone line but sent as a radio signal.

FAX enables you to receive the latest weather charts on your PC, store them in files

and print them out or view them on your PC. It is the ideal way to have an overall look

on weather systems, high and low pressure areas, wind force, swell, etc. Also outlooks

for several days are sent through FAX.


How does MeteoScan work ?

Very simple. The only things you need is a good communications receiver and a PC

or laptop. Install the program. Connect the receiver to the soundcard input of your PC

with the supplied cable and you are off. The program handles almost everything.

The software is English and easy in use. Optional an interface is available to remotely

control a variety of different receivers (You don't need this option if you are using an

Icom IC-PCR1500/2500 or IC-R1500/R2500).


How about updates?

Navacom MeteoScan can always be up-to-date if you have a registered version

(look under registration). You will be informed when updates are available and about upgrades which you will be able to buy at a reduced price. Click on a screenshot

to enlarge it!


Here some screenshots

RTTY RTTY Meteoviewer FAX FAX Meteoviewer


You can download MeteoScan for testing. If you do decide to buy Navacom

MeteoScan after you have tried the demo-version, you can contact one of our

dealers and order the full version for EUR 289, 00 including VAT.


Where to buy? Download Navacom MeteoScan 4.0

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